Counties Cycle Classic 2017

Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

Finish time Participant
4:36:52Andy Roche
4:32:52Tony Davenport
4:30:52Michael Tokoma
4:22:33Robert Baker
4:21:25Karli Menary
4:20:46Quinn Willcox
4:14:56Lisa Wade
4:14:55Craig Mintey
4:13:49John Mcpeak
4:11:34Christopher Munden
4:00:06Wallace Bremner
3:53:28Kathy Menary
3:53:26Jim Menary
3:50:37David Waterworth
3:50:10Peter Costello
3:44:11Lloyd Hull
3:44:03Paul Taylor
3:43:43Gilroy Morris
3:43:33Lizzie Reid
3:36:23Leon Matich