Norsewood to Takapau Fun Challenge


Pos.Chip time Participant
146:00Jaxon Oliver
254:55Phoebe Butler
355:53Shannon Story
458:34Robbie Hunt
51:01:14Nicola Bousfield
61:03:12Sherry Majors
71:04:32Lisa Harrison
81:11:13Tessa Williams
91:15:10Charly Butler
101:20:53Roseanna Liley
111:20:53Anna Molly Baldwin
121:22:38Laura Billings
131:22:57Shar Matenga
141:25:08Paula Thomsen
151:27:04Jessica McKenzie
161:27:04Caroline Heald
171:32:58Sandra Kappely
181:34:31Jan Oosthuizen
191:34:34Samuel Cruickshank
201:34:38Sean Galloway
211:34:55Theo King
221:35:18Kahlia Christison
231:35:18Alison Baxter
241:38:03Chelsea Stewart-Conway
251:38:04Janet Farley
261:45:39Debbie Clifford
271:45:44Dean Clifford
281:45:46Judy Mathews
291:50:04Gail Teichmann
301:50:05Ann Evans
311:50:05Laura Bridge
321:50:12Nici Baldwin
331:51:51Tanya Hadfield
341:51:51Robert Ellmers-Fisher
351:51:51Rebecca Ellmers
361:58:24Angela Williams
371:58:26Bruce Williams
381:58:26Penny Riddell
391:58:57Barry Ellmers
401:58:58Jordan Ellmers
411:58:59Aiden Ellmers
421:58:59Mark Fisher
431:59:06Rochelle Fisher
441:59:08Bronwyn Ellmers
451:59:09Dani Edgar
461:59:17Sophie Ellmers
472:03:10Annebel Barnes
482:03:10Alex Oosthuizen

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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