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November 1 2019 -
December 31 2020
Chris focuses on helping his clients get the most out of their riding. Getting the right techniques and increasing your control will increase your confidence. You’ll be able to ride faster, longer, use a lot less energy and be a much safer rider.

Chris has been riding motorbikes for many years and for the past few years has developed great skills on the adventure bikes, and has been running successful clinics internationally..

We now have three different adventure bike clinics available.

Adventure Basics
This includes setting up your bike correctly, correct, strong and balanced riding positions, and uUsing the clutch, throttle and brakes effectively for maximum control. Also covered are things such as packing for an adventure ride, and survival / self rescue techniques.

Adventure Cornering Clinic - "Learn to Turn"
This is one aspect that we have had many people interested in, and have now developed a separate session so that riders can really have the best chance to nail this skill down. Bering able to corner well can make a vast difference to your traction and speed!

Advanced Adventure Clinic
This is for those that are really wanting to take their bikes into the true off road world of riding. It covers things such as hills, ruts, river crossings, jumping, drifting - really treating your bikes as a 'dirt bike'. It is recommended that you have completed the other courses previously, or another course with Chris, however please get in touch with us to discuss your riding history and goals so we can confirm you for this course.

From spending his whole life riding and racing motorbikes in many disciplines Chris has picked up tips, tricks, shortcuts and handy hints that you only get from experience. When you are being coached by Chris, it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick his brains about any riding or bike set up problems you have.

Please check details on the event you choose to ensure you choose the right course (Basic, Learn to Turn, Advanced)
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Friday, November 1, 2019
Friday, February 21, 2020
Thursday, December 31, 2020
Registration closes December 31 2020 11:59 PM

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